Having been a musician, a singer, and storyteller all of my life, I am naturally drawn to people. I listen as they tell their stories. Living life on the road, I am now attempting to tell those stories in a new way, by using a camera.

It was a hard decision to come to, and it took me a good twenty years to realize that I have finally lived long enough to really begin to understand the human condition.When the idea of documenting ordinary people first came to me back in the 80's, I felt I had not been through enough to  fully appreciate what they had to say. Each person has their own story, and as I listened, an incredible view of life universal began to emerge. In those early years, I could not grasp the dynamics of human relationships, understand the different cultural values each person brings to the fabric of this land, or see the good in trying to view things from another's perspective.

Fresh out of photography school, I was torn between landscape work, and portraiture. My love for the outdoors won out for awhile, but behind it all, the calling to engage people stayed in the back of my mind. Today, my work is a mixture of landscape and people photography. Learning the skills it took to do landscape work crossed over into my portraiture as I see the "landscape" of each person's features. Working today in both color, and black and white, as you wander through these images, my hope is that you will see and feel the emotion of each face and place.


My Story

Monty spent time in the 80's in Indiana at Ivy Tech studying Commercial Photography where he learned studio work, lighting, and printing. He continued photographing throughout the years as he made the change from film to digital imaging. Since then, he and his wife have raised five great kids and his beard has gotten a bit longer and more gray. Now he is back anew doing something he feels passionate about. Photographing people and places.